Wrap Dress


Lightweight and breathable for summer, the use of linen fabric means this dress will also insulate and trap warm air around your body, ready for the colder months too. Layer up for a toasty and warm wear. Perfect whatever your shape with it’s wrap-able waist tie.

Made to order, up to 16 weeks to fulfil

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Wrap Dress

Material: 100% Oeko-Tex Linen

Size:A classic wrap, this dress ties on the inside before the longer tie is wrapped around your body and then knotted to the shorter piece. With it wrapping entirely around your waist it means that you are nipped in at the perfect point. This style also ensures the waist size (and to some extent the bust and hips) is very flexible. Pick your size by finding the bust measurement that is closest to your own, as this is the important point in order for the neckline to sit correctly.

Standard length measures 29” from the waist at the back and curves up slightly at the front. You can select “Short” or “Long” to minus or plus 2”.

Bust 36″

Hips 40″

Bust 38″

Hips 42″

Bust 42″

Hips 46″

Bust 46″

Hips 50″

Bust 52″

Hips 56″

Bust 59″

Hips 63″

Please note that these are approximate measurements and may vary slightly here and there as every garment is made by hand.

See more for sizing guidance

Care instructions: Machine wash at 30. Air dry, do not tumble dry. Iron on “cotton”. Some colours may fade slightly, so keep separate from other garments for first wash.

Made to order: See dispatch times online

Wrap Dress


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