In Conversation With: House of Flint

Welcome House of Flint

How did the idea of House of Flint come about?

I’d been working in bridal-wear for a few years but knew it just didn’t feel right as something to pursue. I wanted to explore fashion instead but so many of the aspects of the fashion industry didn’t align with my ethics. I struggled to work out how I could work in this industry in a way that felt good.

My family were working on businesses and projects at this time that focused on the idea of living slowly. And through this I discovered slow fashion. And a way to create clothing with a sustainable approach.

The life and work we share as a family is what inspired me to begin. Which is why it felt only right that I should name my business after our family home.

Tell us about where and how you create?

Everything is designed and made in the Lincolnshire Wolds. In turn, it’s inspired by the land and life we live here.

Initial shapes are taken from sketches of our surroundings, and functional garments are developed from these based on the purpose of each piece, and what that requires. Each design is tested for comfort and function before it is launched. Small tweaks are made in order for each piece to tick every box.

What is a typical day for House of Flint?

The day begins with much coffee and the obligatory scroll of Instagram as I plan what needs to be done that day. Then I head to my sewing studio and get stitching or cutting depending on what is first on the list. Orders are prioritised but I try to sneak in the odd new idea as these can be very motivational when I’ve been sewing the same pieces for three days straight!

I tend to walk the dog mid-afternoon for a break and some fresh air. This is a lovely time to clear the cobwebs and brainstorm new ideas or projects.

I tend to work late into the evenings most days as I’m trying to keep on top of orders but it depends whether I get a second wind of energy at this point or not!

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In Conversation With: House of Flint

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